List audit logs


Query Parameters

  • coinarray
    Filter by coin(s). Must include coins to see activity on the wallets of those coins.
  • enterpriseId
    Filter by enterprise
  • limitintegerDefault: 25
    Maximum number of results to return. If the result set is truncated, use the "nextBatchPrevId" value to get the next batch.
  • typearray
    Filter by AuditLog type

200 Response

logs array[object] required
data object
Properties that apply to the given audit log type
date string <date-time>
Example: {}
ip string <ipv4>
The client IP that caused the AuditLog entry to be written
Object that the AuditLog entry is associated with
The user that caused the AuditLog entry to be written
nextBatchPrevId string <uuid>
When a result set is truncated, this field returns the id of the last object in the previous batch. To get the next batch of results, pass this value via the "prevId" query parameter.
Example: 585951a5df8380e0e3063e9f