Create Identity


Create an identity for a user.

Request Body

One of
enterpriseId string required
userId string required
organizationId string required
nameFirst string required
nameLast string required
nameMiddle string
debugStatus string
debugFailureReason string
phoneNumber string required
birthdate string required
occupation string required
Allowed values: Agriculture Art Dealer / Auctioneer / Import / Export Company Financial Services (Asset Mgmt., Bank, Broker Dealer, Commodities, Mutual Fund, Ins. Co) Casinos and Gambling Establishments Charity/NGO/Non-Profit/Foundation/Endowment Computer Programmer / Administrator / Software Engineer / IT or Software / Technology Company Crypto Services (ATM, Exchange, Lender, Coins/Token) Education / Teacher Extractive Industry (Oil, Gas, etc.) / Jewels / Gemstones / Precious Metals Family Office Film / TV / Entertainment (not adult) Government/State owned/Political Org. (i.e. Sovereign Wealth Fund) Healthcare Law Enforcement / Military / Protective Services Miner / Mining Pool Money Service Business Other Private Equity / Venture Capital Professional Service Providers (lawyers accountants etc.) Real estate brokers developers and appraisers Recreation / Hospitality Student / Unemployed / Retired Traders / Trading (High Frequency, Proprietary, Market Maker) Other - Default Weapons Dealers
countryOfCitizenship string required
countryOfResidence string required
govIdCountryOfIssuance string required
politicallyExposedPersonOne ofrequired
addressStreet1 string required
addressCity string required
addressSubdivision string required
country string required
identificationNumber string
transactionType string required
Allowed value: institutionalIndividual
addressStreet2 string
addressPostalCode string
digitalAssetWalletAddress string
notionalTradedEachMonth number

200 Response

id string required
status string required