List partner Allocations and Deallocations


Lists all allocations and deallocations. For use only by BitGo Network partners.

Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired

Query Parameters

  • allocationIdsarray[string]
  • typesarray[string]
    Enum: allocation deallocation
  • statusesarray[string]
    Enum: cleared released reserved
  • currenciesarray[string]
  • connectionIdsarray[string]
  • partnerIdsarray[string]
  • clientIdsarray[string]
  • pageNumberstring
  • pageSizestring
  • sortFieldstring
    Enum: id updatedAt quantity
  • sortDirectionstring
    Enum: ASC DESC

200 Response

allocations array[object] required
id string required
amount PositiveCurrencyAmount required
connectionId string required
clientExternalId string required
partnerExternalId string
initiatedBy string required
notes string
createdAt string required
updatedAt string required
retriable boolean required
string or null
status string required
Allowed values: cleared released reserved
type string required
Allowed values: allocation deallocation

400 Response

401 Response

error string required

404 Response

error string required

500 Response

error string required