Retrieve Staking Delegation Accrual History


Retrieve staking delegation accrual history.

Path Parameters

  • coinstringRequired
    The coin to be staked (ETH, NEAR, SOL).
  • walletIdstringRequired
    The wallet id representing the wallet a user staked from. Either the enterpriseId or walletId need to be passed in.

Query Parameters

  • delegationIdsstring
    Delegation ids
  • rangestring
    The time range for the data either hourly or daily
  • startDatestring(date-time)
    The start date to search from
  • endDatestring(date-time)
    The end date to search from
  • pageSizeinteger
    Page size for pagination (default 20)
  • pageinteger
    Page number for pagination (default 1)
  • sortBystring
    Sort By field (default date desc)

200 Response

accruals array[object]
An array of delegation accruals
rewardsReceived integer
Total rewards received over lifetime of the wallet
delegated integer
Total delegated (staked)
pendingDelegated integer
Total pending to be delegated (staked)
pendingUndelegated integer
Total pending to be undelegated (unstaked)
spendable integer
Total spendable (withdrawalable) amount in the wallet
locked integer
Total amount locked but not delegated (staked). Example is staking rewards that are not re-staked and compounding
delegationId string
The delegation Id
delegationAddress string
The delegation Address
withdrawalAddress string
The withdrawal address
walletId string
The wallet Id
enterpriseId string
The enterprise Id
coin string
The coin to be staked (ETH, NEAR, SOL)
date string <date-time>
The date time of the accrual record
page integer
Page number for paging purposes
totalPages integer
Total number of pages for paging purposes
totalElements integer
Number of elements per page used for paging purposes

400 Response

One of
code string
message string
status integer