List unspent reservation


Query reserved unspents in the wallet.

Path Parameters

  • walletIdstringRequired
    Example: "59cd72485007a239fb00282ed480da1f"
    Pattern: ^[0-9a-f]{32}$

Query Parameters

  • prevIdstring
  • limitintegerDefault: 25
    Maximum number of results to return. If the result set is truncated, use the "nextBatchPrevId" value to get the next batch.
  • expireTimeGtstring(date-time)
  • expireTimeLtestring(date-time)

200 Response

unspents array[object]
id string required
The id of the unspent in the form \<txid\>:\<tx_index\>
Example: 003f688cc349f1fca8ac5ffa21671ca911b6ef351085c60733ed8c2ebf162cb8:2
expireTime string <date-time>required
nextBatchPrevId string

400 Response

error string required
Human-readable error message
requestId string required
Client request id
context object
Properties that apply to a specific error name
name string required
Error code