Resolve pending approval


Accept or reject a pending approval

Path Parameters

  • coinstringRequired
    A cryptocurrency or token ticker symbol.
    Example: "btc"
  • approvalIdstringRequired
    Example: "59cd72485007a239fb00282ed480da1f"
    Pattern: ^[0-9a-f]{32}$

Request Body

state string
New state for the pending approval
Allowed values: approved rejected
walletPassphrase string
Passphrase to decrypt the user key on the wallet
xprv string
Private key in string form, if walletPassphrase is not available
otp string
Second factor authentication token
Example: 123456

200 Response

wallet string
Example: 59cd72485007a239fb00282ed480da1f
Match pattern: ^[0-9a-f]{32}$
createDate string <date-time>
infoAny of
transactionRequest object
type string
Allowed value: transactionRequest
stateAny of
scope string
What kind of entity the Pending Approval is tied to
Allowed values: enterprise wallet
userIds array
All the Users who should see this Pending Approval
walletLabel string