List Orders


Lists all orders from the given trading account.

Path Parameters

  • accountIdstringRequired
    The id of the trading account to retrieve

Query Parameters

  • offsetinteger
  • limitinteger
  • clientOrderIdstring
    The clientOrderId of the order to retrieve
  • dateGtestring(date-time)
    Return client orders with a "creationDate" that is greater than or equal to the given timestamp
  • dateLtstring(date-time)
    Return client orders with a "creationDate" that is less than the given timestamp

200 Response

data array[object] required
id string <uuid>required
accountId string required
clientOrderId string
time string <date-time>required
creationDate string <date-time>required
scheduledDate string <date-time>
lastFillDate string <date-time>
completionDate string <date-time>required
settleDate string <date-time>
type string required
fundingType string required
Allowed values: margin funded
status string required
Allowed values: pending_open open completed pending_cancel canceled error
product string required
Product name e.g. BTC-USD
side string required
Allowed values: buy sell
quantity string <decimal>required
The specified quantity.
quantityCurrency string required
The specified quantity currency.
filledQuantity string <decimal>required
averagePrice string <decimal>required

default Response

error string required
errorName string required
reqId string required