List Orders


Lists all orders from the given trading account.

Path Parameters

  • accountIdstringRequired
    The id of the trading account to retrieve

Query Parameters

  • offsetinteger
  • limitinteger
  • clientOrderIdstring
    The clientOrderId of the order to retrieve
  • dateGtestring<date-time>
    Return client orders with a "creationDate" that is greater than or equal to the given timestamp
  • dateLtstring<date-time>
    Return client orders with a "creationDate" that is less than the given timestamp
  • statusstring
    Return client orders with an order "status" that is equal to the given string
    Enum: pending_open open completed pending_cancel canceled error scheduled

200 Response

data array[object] required
Example: {"id":"67fd640c-cb6c-4218-80ae-49e79ec15646","accountId":"60e740e7898f7d00064d43769a73dc48","clientOrderId":"myorderid1","time":"2021-08-05T18:05:23.431Z","creationDate":"2021-08-05T18:05:22.286Z","scheduledDate":"2021-08-05T18:05:00.000Z","lastFillDate":"2021-08-05T18:05:23.302Z","completionDate":"2021-08-05T18:05:23.431Z","settleDate":"2021-08-05T20:00:00.000Z","fundingType":"funded","type":"market","status":"completed","product":"BTC-USD","side":"buy","quantity":"1000","quantityCurrency":"USD","filledQuantity":"0.02457152","filledQuoteQuantity":"1000","averagePrice":"40697.32"}
id string <uuid>required
accountId string required
clientOrderId string
time string <date-time>required
creationDate string <date-time>required
scheduledDate string <date-time>
lastFillDate string <date-time>
completionDate string <date-time>required
settleDate string <date-time>
type string required
fundingType string required
Allowed values: margin funded
status string required
Allowed values: pending_open open completed pending_cancel canceled error scheduled
product string required
Product name e.g. BTC-USD
side string required
Side of a trade, from the perspective of the requesting user
Allowed values: buy sell
Example: buy
quantity string <decimal>required
The specified quantity.
quantityCurrency string required
The specified quantity currency.
filledQuantity string <decimal>required
The base quantity that was filled.
filledQuoteQuantity string <decimal>required
The quote quantity that was filled.
averagePrice string <decimal>required
limitPrice string <decimal>
duration integer
Duration of the order in minutes.
twapInterval integer
Interval length of the TWAP order in minutes.
reason string
Reason for order cancellation. 'internalError' indicates an error occurred within the server while processing the order, resulting in an order cancellation. 'insufficientFunds' indicates that the order was cancelled due to shortage of funds to complete the transaction.
Allowed values: internalError insufficientFunds
Example: insufficientFunds

default Response

error string required
errorName string required
reqId string required