Act On A Transaction like sending a transaction


Use to act on a transaction like sending a transaction

Path Parameters

  • coinstringRequired
    The coin to be staked (ETH, NEAR, SOL).
  • walletIdstringRequired
    The wallet id
  • stakingRequestIdstringRequired
    The id for the staking request
  • stakingTransactionIdstringRequired
    The id for the staking request transaction

Request Body

halfSigned object
Half signed transaction object
contractSequenceId integer
Contract SequenceId
eip1559 object
Eip1559 Params
operationHash string
expireTime integer
signature string
comment string

200 Response

Array of
id string
Staking Transaction Id
stakingRequestId string required
Staking Request Id.
transactionType string required
Transaction type (delegate)
createdDate string required
The date the transaction was created
status string required
The status of the transaction (NEW, READY, INITIATED, CONFIRMED, REJECTED).
statusModifiedDate string required
The last modified date the status changed
amount integer required
Transaction Amount in “base units” (i.e. Wei for ETH)
delegationId string required
The staking delegation the transaction is acting on
pendingApprovalId string
Pending Approval Id
transferId string
Transfer Id
txRequestId string
Transaction Request Id for the new Transaction Request API
buildParams object
recipients object
Recipient build params data
stakingParams object
Staking params
gasPrice integer
Gas price in "base units"
gasLimit integer
Gas limit in "base units"

400 Response

One of
code string
message string
status integer