List users across the organization


List users across the organization

Query Parameters

  • organizationIdstringRequired
  • userIdstring
  • usernamestring
  • searchstring
  • limit
  • prevIdstring
  • role

200 Response

users array[object] required
id string required
username string required
name object required
enterprises array[object] required
email object required
agreements object required
allowedCoins array[string] required
bitgoEmployee boolean required
currency object required
disableReset2FA boolean required
organizations array[object] required
featureFlags array[string] required
forceResetPassword boolean required
identity object required
otpDevices array[object] required
phone object required
timezone string required
country string
ecdhKeychainAny of
isActive boolean
isFrozen boolean
freezeReason string
lastLogin string
locale string
pgpKey string
referrer object
signupDomain string
state string
sourceVerificationRequired boolean
sourceVerificationRequiredForReadOnlyAccess boolean
recoveryCodeSet object
nextBatchPrevId string