List wallets


Get a list of all wallets for which you have permission. To narrow your search, use the List wallets parameters below or call List wallets by coin, Get Wallet (by "coin" and "walletId") or Get wallet by address (by "coin" and "address").

Compare the List/Get wallet APIs:

  • List wallets returns 1 or more wallets for 1 or more coins across 1 or more enterprises (within an array).
  • List wallets by coin returns 1 or more wallets for one coin only across 1 or more enterprises (within an array).
  • Get wallet and Get wallet by address return one wallet.
Test the List/Get wallet APIs. With the same parameter values, these calls should return the same wallet (with minor differences in the responses):

List wallets{{baseUrl}}/api/v2/wallets?coin={coin}&enterprise={enterpriseid}&id={walletId}&expandBalance=true
List wallets by coin{{baseUrl}}/api/v2/{coin}/wallet?enterprise={enterpriseid}&searchLabel={wallet name}
Get wallet{{baseUrl}}/api/v2/{coin}/wallet/{walletId}
Get wallet by address{{baseUrl}}/api/v2/{coin}/wallet/address/{address}

Query Parameters

  • coinarray
    Filter by coin
  • deletedarrayDefault: false
    Filter by deleted state
  • enterprisearray
    Filter by enterprise
  • enterpriseIsNullboolean
    Filter by whether the enterprise field is null
  • expandBalancebooleanDefault: false
    Add "balanceString" and "spendableBalanceString" to each wallet
  • idarray
    Filter by id
  • labelContainsstring
    Filter by label substring
  • limitintegerDefault: 25
    Maximum number of results to return. If the result set is truncated, use the "nextBatchPrevId" value to get the next batch.
  • typearray
    Filter by wallet type
  • expandCustodialWalletboolean
    Whether linked custodial wallets should be expanded inline

200 Response

wallets array[object] required
admin object
allowBackupKeySigning boolean
balanceString string
Total balance in base units (e.g. Satoshis)
Example: 2000000
Match pattern: ^-?\d+$
buildDefaults object
coinSpecific object
custodialWallet object
The associated custodial wallet object
deleted boolean required
disableTransactionNotifications boolean required
freeze object
isCold boolean
keys array
Example: ["585951a5df8380e0e304a553","585951a5df8380e0e30d645c","585951a5df8380e0e30b6147"]
label string required
Example: My Wallet
m integer
Number of signatures required. This value must be 2 for hot wallets, 1 for **ofc** wallets, and not specified for custodial wallets.
Example: 2
n integer
Number of keys provided. This value must be 3 for hot wallets, 1 for **ofc** wallets, and not specified for custodial wallets.
Example: 3
receiveAddress object
recoverable boolean
tags array
Spendable balance in base units (e.g. Satoshis)
startDate string <date-time>
Wallet creation time
Example: {}
users array[object]
customChangeKeySignatures object
Signatures for the keys which will be used to derive custom change addresses. **Note:** These signatures may only be set once for each wallet and are not modifiable after being set.
multisigType string
Allowed values: onchain tss blsdkg
nextBatchPrevId string <uuid>
When a result set is truncated, this field returns the id of the last object in the previous batch. To get the next batch of results, pass this value via the "prevId" query parameter.
Example: 585951a5df8380e0e3063e9f

400 Response

One of
error string required
Human-readable error message
requestId string required
Client request id
context object
Properties that apply to a specific error name
name string required
Error code