List Client Allocations and Deallocations


This API call allows clients to get a list of allocations & deallocations for any connected network account. Note that this endpoint requires a “types” query parameter set to “allocation” to view allocations or "deallocation" to view deallocations.

Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired

Query Parameters

  • sortFieldstring
    Enum: id updatedAt quantity currency
  • sortDirectionstring
    Enum: ASC DESC
  • pageNumberstring
  • pageSizestring
  • allocationIdsarray[string]
  • typesarray[string]
    Enum: allocation deallocation
  • statusesarray[string]
    Enum: cleared released reserved
  • currenciesarray[string]
  • connectionIdsarray[string]
  • partnerIdsarray[string]

200 Response

allocations array[V1AllocationGetOutput] required
reasonOne ofrequired
status string required
Allowed values: cleared released reserved
type string required
Allowed values: allocation deallocation
id string required
amount PositiveCurrencyAmount required
connectionId string required
clientExternalId string required
partnerExternalId string
initiatedBy string required
notes string
createdAt string <date>required
updatedAt string <date>required

400 Response

401 Response

error string required

404 Response

error string required

500 Response

error string required