List Trading Partners


The List Trading Partners API gets the trading partners for the given trading account.

Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired
    Enterprise ID
  • accountIdstringRequired
    Trading Account ID

Query Parameters

  • statusstring
    Status of trading partner relationship
    Example: "accepted"
    Enum: acceptedrejectedcanceledpendingunknown

200 Response

tradingPartners array[object]
id string <uuid>
unique ID of the trading partnership, used for updating partnerships
primaryAccountId string
primary account ID of the partnership
primaryEnterpriseName string
enterprise name of the primary account ID
secondaryAccountId string
secondary account ID of the partnership
secondaryEnterpriseName string
enterprise name of the secondary account ID
type string
Partnership type between two trading accounts
Allowed values: direct agency
Example: direct
updatedAt string <date-time>
ISO date string
requesterAccountId string
account ID that initiated the trading partner request

400 Response

error string required
Human-readable error message
errorName string required
Immutable error code for API integration
reqId string required
Client request id