Get Client Settlement


This API call allows clients to get a list of settlement transactions for any connected network account, for a specific settlement. The settlement and its metadata will be returned along with all related settlement transfers in and out of the clients’ network accounts.

Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired
  • settlementIdstringRequired

Query Parameters

  • currenciesarray[string]
  • pageNumberstring
  • pageSizestring

200 Response

settlementOne ofrequired
id string required
partnerId string required
externalId string required
status string required
Allowed value: pending
reconciled boolean required
initiatedBy string required
notes string
createdAt string required
updatedAt string required
settlementTransfers array[object] required
sourceTradingAccountId string
sourceNetworkAccountId string
destinationTradingAccountId string
destinationNetworkAccountId string
currency string required
settlementId string required
quantity string required
txIds array[string] required
id string required
createdAt string required
updatedAt string required
settlementStatus string required
Allowed values: failed completed pending
settlementNotes string
sourceClientName string
destinationClientName string
sourceConnectionName string
destinationConnectionName string

400 Response

401 Response

error string required

404 Response

error string required

500 Response

error string required