Get Client Settlement


This API call allows clients to get a list of settlement transactions for any connected network account, for a specific settlement. The settlement and its metadata will be returned along with all related settlement transfers in and out of the clients’ network accounts.

Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired
  • settlementIdstringRequired

Query Parameters

  • pageNumberstring
  • pageSizestring
  • currenciesarray[string]

200 Response

settlementOne ofrequired
status string required
Allowed value: pending
notes string
reason string
createdAt string <date>required
updatedAt string <date>required
id string required
partnerId string required
externalId string required
reconciled boolean required
initiatedBy string required
settlementTransfers array[object] required
id string required
createdAt string <date>required
updatedAt string <date>required
currency string required
settlementId string required
quantity string required
txIds array[string] required
settlementStatus string required
Allowed values: failed completed pending
sourceTradingAccountId string
sourceClientName string
destinationTradingAccountId string
destinationClientName string
sourceNetworkAccountId string
sourceConnectionName string
destinationNetworkAccountId string
destinationConnectionName string

400 Response

401 Response

error string required

404 Response

error string required

500 Response

error string required