Allocate Overview


The integration flow for the Go Network differs between clients and partners:

  • Clients are users who deposit their assets with BitGo Trust to engage in trading.
  • Partners are users who operate trading platforms that connect to BitGo to enable client trading.

Using BitGo Trust as an intermediary, clients allocate assets to their accounts on trading partners. Allocated balances are viewable on both BitGo and partner platforms. Clients can trade using their allocated balances on partner platforms, either through the partner's UI or programmatically, using the partner's APIs.

Settlements occur at least once every 24 hours, at which point:

  1. Trading partners deposit assets, on-chain, to their account at BitGo Trust.
  2. Trading partners generate settlement instructions that specify settlement amounts.
  3. BitGo confirms the partner-deposited balances.
  4. BitGo performs off-chain ledger movements of assets between client and partner accounts at BitGo Trust.

Once settlements complete, clients can deallocate their assets in near real time (NRT).

Note: Deallocation of assets can't occur if the assets are in use. For example, assets are locked during limit or time-weighted average price (TWAP) orders. To deallocate such assets, the orders need to be cancelled first.

When deallocations complete, clients can:

  • Keep assets secured in their Settlement Account with qualified custody through BitGo Trust.
  • Withdraw assets from BitGo Trust using the standard on-chain withdrawals flow.
  • Reallocate assets for continued trading on partner exchanges.


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