BitGo-as-a-Service is a customizable integration that enables you to create comprehensive solutions for your users to hold, buy, sell, and trade digital assets. You maintain complete control over your branding and user experience, while BitGo handles all the underlying crypto and fiat infrastructure, as well as the regulatory and compliance requirements.

BitGo-as-a-Service works by creating an organization of enterprises for your users, each with their own Go Account. Go Accounts simplify wallet management for your users by providing a single wallet for all their assets, including fiat. To learn more about Go Accounts, see BitGo Wallet Types. To distinguish between your enterprise and those of your users, BitGo refers to their enterprises as child enterprises.

Child enterprises comprise your end user and a service user of your choosing. The service user is an admin in the child enterprises. The service user is an important role, because they're responsible for creating Go Accounts for your users, as well as performing trades on their behalf.

BitGo-as-a-Service includes the following:

OnboardingOnboard new users to your platform, including know-your-customer (KYC) checks and sanctions screenings.
On RampsYour users can link their bank accounts using Plaid, or if you previously collected their banking information, you can submit it on their behalf.
CustodyBitGo serves as a regulated custodian for your users' accounts.
User ManagementYou can manage your users' accounts programmatically or through a lightweight web UI, including viewing select details about your users' accounts, such as balances and deposit addresses.
TransactionsYou and your users can initiate transactions, such as buys, sells, trades, and withdrawals.
Off RampsYour users can transfer fiat to their bank accounts and digital assets to other wallets.

Note: BitGo still recommends that you perform your own KYC checks and fraud-prevention verifications, because security and compliance are critically important.


Get Started


  1. Set Up Organization
  2. Set Up Child Enterprises
  3. Create Go Accounts

Next Steps

Once you create child enterprises and Go Accounts for your users, follow the integration guides below to learn how to enable buying, selling, trading, and withdrawing digital assets.

  1. Fund Go Account
  2. Place Trade Orders
  3. Withdraw from Go Account (Advanced) or Withdraw from Go Account (Simple)

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