Reference Configuration Parameters

BitGo Express is able to use following configuration parameters from either command-line arguments or environment variables.

Flag Short NameFlag Long NameEnvironment VariableDefault ValueDescription
-p--portBITGO_PORT3080Port that bitgo express listens on.
-b--bindBITGO_BINDlocalhostInterface that bitgo express listens on. To listen on all interfaces, set to
-e--envBITGO_ENVtestBitGo environment to interact with.
-t--timeoutBITGO_TIMEOUT305000Number of milliseconds to wait before requests made by bitgo-express time out.
-d--debugN/A, use BITGO_DEBUG_NAMESPACE insteadN/AEnables debug output for bitgo-express. This is equivalent to passing --debugnamespace bitgo:express.
-D--debugnamespaceBITGO_DEBUG_NAMESPACEN/AEnables debug output for a particular debug namespace. Multiple debug namespaces can be given as a comma separated list. See the bitgo package README for a complete list of recognized options (in addition to the options listed in this table).
-k--keypathBITGO_KEYPATHN/APath to SSL .key file. Required if running in live environment.
-c--crtpathBITGO_CRTPATHN/APath to SSL .crt file. Required if running in live environment.
-u--customrooturiBITGO_CUSTOM_ROOT_URIN/AForces a custom BitGo URI.
-n--custombitcoinnetworkBITGO_CUSTOM_BITCOIN_NETWORKN/AForces a custom BitGo network.
-l--logfileBITGO_LOGFILEN/AFilepath to write access logs.
N/A--disablesslBITGO_DISABLE_SSL 0N/ADisables requiring SSL when accessing the live environment. Note: Use at your own risk. We don't recommend.
N/A--disableproxyBITGO_DISABLE_PROXY 0N/ADisables proxying of routes not explicitly handled by BitGo Express.
N/A--disableenvcheckBITGO_DISABLE_ENV_CHECK 0N/ADisables checking for correct NODE_ENV environment variable when running in the live environment.
-i--ipcBITGO_IPCN/AIf set, bind to the given IPC (unix domain) socket. Binding to an IPC socket can be useful if the caller of BitGo Express resides on the same host as the BitGo Express instance itself, since the socket can be secured using normal file permissions and ownership semantics. Note: This is not supported on Windows platforms.
N/A--authversionBITGO_AUTH_VERSION2BitGo authentication scheme version that's used for making requests to the BitGo server. For more information on authentication scheme version, see API Reference.
N/A--externalSignerUrlBITGO_EXTERNAL_SIGNER_URLN/AURL that specifies the external API to call for remote signing.
N/A--signerModeBITGO_SIGNER_MODE N/AIf true, runs BitGo Express as a remote signer.
N/A--signerFileSystemPathBITGO_SIGNER_FILE_SYSTEM_PATH N/ALocal path specifying where a BitGot Express signer machine keeps the encrypted private keys. Required if signerMode is ture.

For backwards compatibility on some options, BitGo checks for the following deprecated environment variables:

Flag Short NameFlag Long NameEnvironment VariableDefault ValueDescription
DISABLE_ENV_CHECKDisables environment check.
DISABLE_PROXYDisables proxy.