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You can use BitGo to deploy physical cryptocurrency ATMs, so you can buy and sell cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat. Your retail clients can interact with your crypto ATM in person, without needing BitGo accounts or wallets. Behind the scenes, BitGo securely stores all coins and tokens and constructs all transactions.

You users can experience secure and fast purchases from your hot wallets, while the majority of your assets are held in custodial storage for maximum security.

Bitgo also gives your crypto ATM a competitive edge against the competition by providing your users the competitive trading prices. BitGo aggregates the order books of multiple major platforms so that you don't have to depend on only one.

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Products Used

  • Wallets - Generate and manage wallets and addresses, while securing the majority of your funds in cold storage with BitGo Trust.
  • Go Network - Set up a platform for users to buy, sell, and trade their NFTs through BitGo Prime.
  • Webhooks - Enable your ledger to track the movement of funds on your platform by configuring webhooks.

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