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The BitGo JavaScript SDK is a JavaScript library located in GitHub that you can use to build apps and services for all the Coins and Tokens that BitGo supports. The SDK is an out-of-the-box solution that runs in a browser or Node.js and solves complicated transactional logic required to integrate BitGo REST APIs.

You can use the SDK to:

  • Create and manage wallets and addresses.
  • Create and execute secure, co-signed transactions.
  • Create, store, and interact with tokens and NFTs.
  • Implement personal on-premise servers in conjunction with the BitGo Express package for secure interactions with the BitGo Platform.
  • Sign keys offsite and send transactional data confidently to BitGo APIs.

You have 2 options for installing the SDK:

  • Modular - Integrate only the coins you need.
  • All Coins - Integrate all coins that BitGo supports.

Note: BitGo recommends you implement a modular integration for the following benefits:

  • Better compatibility in resource-constrained environments (such as running in AWS lambda)
  • Reduce dependency exposure
  • Smaller install and memory footprint


Set up your coding environment. We recommend the following:

Core Packages

  • Modular
  • All Coins

The following core packages enable you to integrate only the coins you need:

  • sdk-api - Main entry point for API functionality and for registering coins asynchronously.
  • sdk-coin-{name} - Implementation and dependencies necessary to interact with BitGo APIs and coin blockchains (such as mainnet, testnet, and any related tokens).


1. Install Core Packages

  • CLI (modular)
  • CLI (all coins)
1 2 3 4 5 # Main entry point for API functionality npm install @bitgo/sdk-api # Individual coin module # For example, btc would be sdk-coin-btc npm install @bitgo/sdk-coin-{name}

2. Use Core Packages

  • CLI (modular)
  • CLI (all coins)
1 2 3 4 5 6 import { BitGoAPI } from '@bitgo/sdk-api'; import { Btc } from '@bitgo/sdk-coin-btc'; const sdk = new BitGoAPI(); sdk.register('btc', Btc.createInstance);

Note: You must import testnet coins separately. For example, you would import Tbtc instead of Btc.


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