Kits Overview

BitGo Kits

All BitGo REST APIs are available through kits. In the test environment, you have access to all BitGo kits. In the live environment, you have access only to the kits you chose to pay for. The Wallet kit is prerequisite to using any other kit.

Currently, BitGo offers the following kits:

The Custody Kit is noteworthy, because all of the endpoints for it fully resides within another kit - the Wallet Kit. This is because the Custody Kit is for cold wallets, which are a subset of wallets. All other kits have clearer distinctions in functionality and integration steps.

Partner Kits

In addition to the robust REST APIs offered by BitGo, you can also leverage Partner kits. These kits provide you access to APIs from partner companies, all from the convenience of the unified BitGo platform. Your BitGo access token provides you access to a partner's API, without needing further access to the partner's ecosystem. Your access token must include an enterprise ID for an enterprise that has the partner kit.

Partner kits currently include the following:


The integration guides focus on overall integration flows, and may include functionality from multiple kits. For example, the guides in the Wallet section include integration steps for both the Custody Kit and Wallet Kit. If you're unsure which kits an integration guide covers, you can view links to the API Reference at the bottom of the guide.