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Staking assets requires you to submit a staking-request transaction. BitGo then generates 1 or more transactions, depending on the asset, that require approval, signing, and broadcasting. Staking criteria also differs by asset. For example, ETH requires staking in multiples of 32. Therefore, you can stake 32 or 64 ETH, but you can't stake 35 or 65 ETH.



Submit a staking-request transaction to BitGo.

  • SDK
  • API
1 2 3 4 5 const stakingWallet = wallet.toStakingWallet(); const stakingRequest = await stakingWallet.stake({ amount: '64000000000000000000', cliendId: 'e055adbc-66a3-4ccd-9a9d-726a05bca0cf' });

Step Result

You create a staking-request transaction that's ready for any required approvals and signing.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 { "id": "e055adbc-66a3-4ccd-9a9d-726a05bca0cf", "clientId": "e055adbc-66a3-4ccd-9a9d-726a05bca0cf", "requestUserId": "6092e75c451052000636831deb797bd1", "enterpriseId": "1032e75c451052000436831deb797af1", "walletId": "2032e75g451052000636831abd797bd3", "walletType": "custodial", "type": "STAKE", "coin": "eth", "createdDate": "2022-01-10T14:32:28Z", "statusModifiedDate": "2022-01-10T14:32:28Z", "status": "NEW", "withdrawalAddress": "0x5a6406c9710f588ca733360bfa8033d0ef9ecd7c", "amount": 6400000000000000000, "gasPrice": 1000000000000000 }

Next Steps

  • Custodial
  • Self-Managed Hot
  1. Approve Transactions (Optional) - If the staking-request transaction requires admin approval, it remains in a pending approval status until receiving final approval.
  2. Open the email from BitGo and select a date and time for video verification with a BitGo operator.

After verification, BitGo signs and broadcasts the transaction to the network for confirmation.

Once staked, you can View Rewards and Balances.

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