Price Kit



The Price Kit is a partner kit from CryptoCompare that enables you to get historical prices for the top cryptocurrencies, tokens, and fiat. CryptoCompare provides reliable market data and effective fair-value market price of a spot instrument. Give your users access to a stable spot price so they can have better insights into their portfolio value, tax returns, and the general applications.

Note: Assets must be supported by both BitGo and CryptoCompare.

Determining Prices

CryptoCompare leverages large development, research, analytics, and content teams working together to ensure you have the most reliable and accurate data on the market. CryptoCompare uses a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated real-time aggregate index methodology.

Prices are a volume-weighted average price (VWAP) that only include data from the top exchanges, ensuring high-quality data standards. Exchange-pricing feeds must have a benchmark rating of AA-B, ensuring an inbuilt risk-mitigation system.

Data Quality

Benchmark rating is a exchange-scoring system that assess risk, and is based on the following:

  • Asset quality and diversity
  • Data provisions
  • Legal regulations
  • Market quality
  • Negative-events penalty
  • Security
  • Teams or exchanges
  • Transaction risks, or know your customer (KYC)

CryptoCompare uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to derive metrics that evaluate each of above criteria to provide a thorough view of the risks associated with any exchange.

Get Started

  • Request access to the Price Kit by signing up for the Growth tier in your production account and requesting the kit as an add-on
  • View the API endpoint at API Reference: Price Kit.