Network Kit

Note: This feature is currently available only in the test environment. BitGo will release code-breaking changes to this feature leading up to the production release. If you integrate this feature now, be aware that you will need to update your integration accordingly.


The Network kit from BitGo connects clients and partners to enable seamless and secure settlements while trading. Clients and partners custody assets with BitGo Trust, a qualified, regulated, and insured custodian. Clients can execute trades on partner platforms, while their assets remain secure in BitGo custody. Partners settle trades at least once every 24 hours. Assets transfer off-chain between clients and partners, never leaving the safety of BitGo.

The Network kit maximizes capital efficiency for clients and partners by utilizing off-chain transfers that improve speed and reduce costs, while simultaneously minimizing risks. The Network kit satisfies regulatory requirements by managing assets with a secured, qualified custodian. Further more, clients can streamline their trading operations across exchanges, since they can manage their assets all through BitGo, rather than having to manage assets among individual exchanges.

How it Works

  1. Clients store assets with BitGo Trust.
  2. Clients create connections to their desired trading partners.
  3. Clients allocate assets to their accounts on partner platforms.
  4. Clients trade their allocated assets on partner platforms.
  5. Partners facilitate settlements of client funds on a daily cadence.

Get Started

  • Request access to the Network Kit by signing up for the Growth tier in your production account and requesting the kit as an add-on.
  • View the integration guide at Network Overview.
  • View all included API endpoints at API Reference: Network Kit.