Custody Kit


The Custody Kit from BitGo enables you to create cold self-managed wallets and to securely store your digital assets in qualified, cold-storage custody at BitGo Trust Company - a regulated US Trust company under the Division of Banking in South Dakota. Digital assets held in custody have insurance coverage up to $250 million USD. Like all wallets on the BitGo Platform, custodial wallets leverage multisignature or threshold signature (TSS) technology, ensuring no single individual can compromise your assets.

Currently, the Custody Kit from BitGo serves over 170 cryptocurrency exchanges and has securely processed hundreds of billion of dollars in transactions.

How it Works

Through a single integration, you can programmatically access regulated, industry-leading custodial services, with bank-grade protections. The Custody Kit works seamlessly with the Wallet Kit. You can allocate funds between your hot and cold self-managed wallets and your custodial wallets, enabling you to balance flexibility with security.

With custodial wallets, you don't have to worry about managing and securing the keys to your wallets. BitGo verified Trust Officers manage transaction-signing ceremonies in secure vaults, providing you with maximum security for your digital assets.

Get Started

  • Request access to the Custody Kit by signing up for the Growth tier in your production account and requesting the kit as an add-on.
  • View the integration guide at Wallets Overview.
  • View all included API endpoints at API Reference: Custody Kit.