Stellar Tokens

Stellar Tokens

Stellar tokens can be accessed with the following coin types:

EnvironmentCoin TypeCodeIssuer Website

Wallet functionality

Stellar tokens are stored in Stellar wallets. As a result certain wallet functionality available to other coins is not available to supported tokens. It is not possible to create wallets, create/list/get receive addresses, or share wallets for Stellar tokens. All these functions will have to be done with the coin set to xlm or txlm since that is the actual coin type being used. In order to retrieve all token details associated with a Stellar wallet, such as balance, pending approvals, policies, and webhooks, set the "allTokens" parameter to true with the following calls:

  1. Get Wallet
  2. List Wallets
  3. List Pending Approvals
  4. List Wallet Webhooks
  5. List Transfers
  6. Add Wallet Webhook

Wallet trust lines (trusted tokens)

Stellar tokens must be "trusted" on-chain by sending a


transaction from the receiving wallet authorizing holding the token.

For self-managed wallets, use Build transaction and Send half-signed transaction with the type and trustlines parameters.

For custodial wallets, contact us at


Stellar tokens do not have a direct association with keys or keychains. Instead, all tokens share the same keys/keychains which belong to the Stellar wallet.


Stellar tokens share the same precision as Lumen (10 7). To view token balances, call Get Wallet with expandBalance=true and allTokens=true:



Stellar token transactions spend two types of assets: the token itself being sent and XLM (Lumens) paid in transaction fees. For this reason, BitGo will generate two transfers on the sending wallet with the same txid to track changes in both balances.

Stellar Tokens Webhooks

By setting the "allTokens" parameter to true, a generic webhook is created which will trigger on all Stellar token and XLM transactions. It will send an http request to your webhook url and specify whether it is Stellar or a token using the field "coin". Here's an example response for a test token called "txlm:BST-GBQTIOS3XGHB7LVYGBKQVJGCZ3R4JL5E4CBSWJ5ALIJUHBKS6263644L".


To get additional details about this transfer, you will then need to get the transfer details using the token name and transfer id. For the above transfer you'd need to call the Get Transfer route to check the amount transferred and other details (e.g. /api/v2/txlm:BST-GBQTIOS3XGHB7LVYGBKQVJGCZ3R4JL5E4CBSWJ5ALIJUHBKS6263644L/wallet/5a13adcab70f2c284fdd9682db5e6d64/transfer/5b612d25c9067f2a1db11a15f165989e).

Note: A transaction that sends both XLM and a Stellar token will cause one webhook notification for each asset.