Get Affirmation


The Get Affirmation API gets an Affirmation by ID.

Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired
    Enterprise ID
  • accountIdstringRequired
    Trading Account ID
  • affirmationIdstringRequired
    Affirmation ID

200 Response

id string <uuid>
Affirmation ID
counterpartyAccountId string <uuid>
The account ID of the counterparty
counterpartyName string
The name of the counterparty's trading account
partyAccountId string <uuid>
Trading account that the Affirmation belongs to
status string
The current status of the affirmation
Allowed values: pending overdue rejected affirmed failed canceled
Example: pending
settlement string <uuid>
Settlement ID associated with this Affirmation
lock Lock
Assets locked up on a trading account
Example: {"id":"b44616d8-142d-41d7-8037-b6b08f65919f","accountId":"5ca309aa4b389efa274c7fbc8cfc1c72","status":"active","amount":"1000000","currency":"USD","createdAt":{}}
id string <uuid>
Lock ID
accountId string
Trading account ID that has funds locked up
status string
The current status of the settlement
Allowed values: active settled failed requested released
Example: active
amount string
Amount of funds locked in fractional units
currency string
Currency of funds locked
createdAt string <date-time>
ISO date string
payload string
Stringified JSON of trade payload. If the Affirmation signature is not found, then "payload" is automatically calculated and populated here
signature string
The "payload" cryptographically signed by trading account. Used to authorize the movement of funds
createdAt string <date-time>
ISO date string
expireAt string <date-time>
ISO date string

400 Response

error string required
Human-readable error message
errorName string required
Immutable error code for API integration
reqId string required
Client request id