Remove user from enterprise


Path Parameters

  • enterpriseIdstringRequired
    Example: "59cd72485007a239fb00282ed480da1f"
    Pattern: ^[0-9a-f]{32}$

Request Body

username string <email>required

202 Response

pendingApprovals array[object]
enterprise string
The Id of the associated enterprise
Example: 59cd72485007a239fb00282ed480da1f
Match pattern: ^[0-9a-f]{32}$
walletId string
The base address of the associated wallet
Example: 1G47mSr3oANXMafVrR8UC4pzV7FEAzo3r9
creator string
The Id of the User that created the Pending Approval
Example: 59cd72485007a239fb00282ed480da1f
Match pattern: ^[0-9a-f]{32}$
createDate string <date-time>
info object
state string
Allowed values: pending approved rejected
walletUserIds array
an array of all the Users on the Wallet who need to see this Pending Approval
approvalsRequired number
Minimum: >= 1

400 Response

One of
error string required
Human-readable error message
requestId string required
Client request id
context object
Properties that apply to a specific error name
name string required
Error code