List Historical Prices (Deprecated)


Get a list of daily historical prices in the portfolio's functional currency - defaults to prior month

Note: On March 31st, 2024, BitGo is deprecating this endpoint. Instead, use the Get historical prices endpoint.

Path Parameters

  • portfolioIdstringRequired
    The id of the portfolio to retrieve

Query Parameters

  • instrumentstringRequired
    Symbol of instrument to be queried
  • startDatestring<date-time>
    Must be provided if endDate is provided. Otherwise, will default to one month ago
  • endDatestring<date-time>
    Must have corresponding startDate if provided

200 Response

Array of
time string <date-time>required
open number <float>required
high number <float>required
low number <float>required
close number <float>required
base_volume number <float>required
quote_volume number <float>required

default Response

error string required
errorName string required
reqId string required