List Line Items (Deprecated)


List all accounting line items within a given portfolio to which the user with the access token belongs

Note: On March 31st, 2024, BitGo is deprecating this endpoint. Instead, use the List transfers endpoint.

Path Parameters

  • portfolioIdstringRequired
    The id of the portfolio to retrieve

Query Parameters

  • offsetinteger
  • limitinteger

200 Response

data array[object] required
id string <uuid>required
exchange_order_id string
exchange_trade_id string
account_id string <uuid>required
connection_id string <uuid>required
transaction_date string <date-time>required
transaction_completed_date string <date-time>required
instrument_id string <uuid>required
instrument_symbol string required
Currency symbol
type string required
Allowed values: sent received
source string required
Allowed values: api csv manual system manual_reconciliation smart_reconciliation
unitPrice string <decimal>required
quantity string <decimal>required
value string <decimal>required
transaction_hash string
block_height string <integer>
sent_address string
received_address string

default Response

error string required
errorName string required
reqId string required